Recycling that pays

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Enjoy the peace of mind knowing you’re doing your bit for the planet and that your metal will be recycled to the highest standards.


Trade your scrap for cash.

Bring us your old mags and we’ll pay to take them off your hands.

Wiring & Appliances

Still got your old appliance?

Replaced an appliance and still got the old one? We’ll take both the appliance and the leads.

Car Batteries

Bring us your old car batteries.

Your car battery consists of lead plates, sulfuric acid, and a plastic casing. We’ll salvage the lead for reuse.

Stainless Steel

Salvage stainless steel

We’ll take stainless steel items including stainless pipework from the food industry, kitchen benches, tapware, wine vats, boat rails & balustrades.

Aluminium Frames

We recycle aluminium frames.

We recycle aluminium window frames, doors & other aluminium joinery that can be remelted and reused in new products at a fraction of the energy output.

Hot Water Cylinders

Replaced your hot water cylinder?

Save your old hot water cylinder and bring it in to be recycled.

Transparent Pricing

Some metals are typically worth more than others. At Metalman we are constantly updating our prices to keep up with the everchanging international market. For an idea of what metals are worth from top to bottom see our Metal Catagories sections or better still, call us for an up to date price on your scrap. Prices will vary within the band depending on the quantity and quality of the metal provided but what won’t change is the service. You can receive your money on site or immediately via bank transfer.


Do you do one off pickups?

Pick up is for commercial customers only,
but if you have enough stuff we can come and pick it up.

Can you collect whiteware?

No, you have to bring it in. We don’t pay for whiteware,
but it is free to drop it off (whereas you have to pay at transfer stations).

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