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Phoenix Metal Recyclers + Metalman – Recycling to reduce waste to Landfill in NZ


Metalman was recently acquired by Phoenix Metal Recyclers in July 2021; together we are now the largest privately owned NZ Registered Limited Liability Company, wholly NZ owned and managed.  We offer metal recycling, waste, demolition and de-construction services to commercial, industrial and trade customers, and also to the general public.  The dual brand business now offers recycling services nationwide across 9 locations within NZ.  Our core business is metal recycling. The metals we recycle are extracted from our demolition projects or collected from our branches and customers via drops offs and our bin distribution service.  We sort, grade, process and package the metals for export to be recycled globally.  We are committed to advocating and contributing to the reduction of waste to Landfill which in turn keeps NZ’s land and environment cleaner and greener.  We are an integral contributor to NZ’s waste and resource recovery circular economy.  As a scrap metal buyer, Phoenix Metal Recyclers + Metalman focuses on providing transparency for our customers. We act with honesty, integrity, and reliability at all times. We provide CCTV visible weighing of product on trade certified weighbridges connected to our computer product record system, we communicate clear notification of any adjustments, prompt payment at up to date prices, and competitive rates.


Safe scrap metal,


Phoenix Metal Recyclers + Metalman both have stringent health & safety and environmental standards and are committed to their constant improvement. This ensures everyone, from our receptionist to our metal broker, goes home safe. At each of our branches for scrap metal, NZ-wide, we have covered drive-through unloading areas. This means we can focus on you and not the elements. On the commercial side, companies trust us with some of their most difficult recycling materials that cannot always be handled by smaller scrap metal buyers.


International scrap
metal brokers


As a larger operator, we’re experts at everything metal; we’re local scrap metal buyers as well as metal brokers for scrap metal export.  Over 20 years as an NZ-owned business, Metalman has developed a strong network of partners for dealing with scrap metal, NZ-wide as well as with reputable metal brokers in the scrap metal export market.

Executive Team

Eldon Reeve

Managing Director


Eldon has jointly owned Metal Recycling businesses for the last 15 years.  In 2013, Eldon and a previous Director purchased CMA Recycling Ltd. The company was rebranded in 2019 to Phoenix Metal Recyclers.  In December 2020, Eldon became the sole director.

In July 2021, Phoenix acquired Metalman NZ Limited.  The dual brand business now offers recycling services nationwide.  Eldon has exercised his previous experience in mergers and acquisitions with Baker Tilly Staples Rodway to strategically steer Phoenix Metal Recyclers + Metalman into a growth phase responding to the demand within an exciting global recycling industry and contributing to NZ’s waste and resource recovery circular economy.

Eldon is responsible for business development, key supplier relationships, special projects and oversees asset management and operations.  Eldon created the demolition arm of the business in 2015 enabling Phoenix to offer a demolition direct to export model of metal.  Due to the synergies of combining metal recycling and demolition Phoenix Metal Recyclers + Metalman can offer cost savings to their Clients for demolition services.

Richard Harrison

General Manager


Richard has been with Phoenix Metal Recyclers (Previously CMA Recycling) since 2013.  Richard has been in the metal recycling and export industry for over 20 years.  Previously Onesteel Recycling NZ Ltd General Manager for 5 years.  Richard has held the General Manager role at Phoenix Metal Recyclers for 5 years, with overarching responsibility for Trading, Sales and Finance.

Richard is responsible for all financial reporting, budgeting and forecasting on a monthly and annual basis.  Richard also has a strong background in commodities trading and foreign exchange account managementoverseeing and monitoring incoming and outgoing stocks.  Richard has an extensive background in managing contractors and service providers through the transaction process and relationship lifecycle including selection and performance management.

Richard, in holding the position of President of the New Zealand Association of Metal Recyclers from 2018 to 2020, facilitated the industry’s move away from being known as “Scrap Dealers” to “Metal Recyclers”. This has strategically opened doors for the industry to be more vocal about its contribution to recycling in New Zealand, from Government level down, bringing it in line with the industry globally.

Hilary West-Reeve

Owner / Commercial Manager


NZIA Registered Architect, BAS BArch (Hons)

Hilary has been practising as a Commercial Architect for over 25 years, with specific experience in Industrial briefs and buildings (Logistics, Manufacturing, Horticulture) and sustainably designed buildings.  Through the course of her architectural career, Hilary has also been responsible for Business Development and Marketing within her roles.

In 2019, Hilary had the opportunity to invest in Phoenix Metal Recyclers.  As an Architect, her continued commitment to the environment shares similar values to the recycling Industry.  In 2020, Hilary formally commenced a role within Phoenix to further develop the Demolition arm of the business drawing on her experience within the Construction Industry.  Eldon and Hilary together; with their complimentary set of skills facilitated the acquisition of Metalman and are working together to grow their business with a focus on recycling services, especially metallics contributing to NZ’s waste and resource recovery circular economy and recycling as much demolition waste as possible from their recycling projects.

Rob Walton

Operations Manager


Rob has held the role of Operations Manager at Metalman for 8 years since 2013. Previously employed at CMA Recycling NZ.

With over 40 years in the scrap metal industry, Rob has extensive knowledge operating in NZ’s market and trading with our global recycling partners.  Rob’s skills also include running a foundry out of Dunedin and a specialist foundry in the UK. Additionally, experience of trading aerospace high temperature and superalloys, tungsten, titanium, nickel and cobalt.

Phil Willson

Business Development Manager


Phil has been with Metalman for a total of 8 years dating back to 2003 when he took a role as our first in-house Export Manager. Phil since then spent 8 years living in China before returning to New Zealand in 2013 to his latest Metalman reincarnation as our BDM.

Jasmine Faulkner

Environmental Services Manager


Born and raised in the Waikato, Jasmine Faulkner has worked for Metalman New Zealand for over 9 years and worked within the Metal Industry for 14 years.

Also known as the “Battery Lady” Jasmine takes care of all matters relating to Exports, Imports, Shipping and Logistics.  Jasmine has recently taken on the role of Environmental Services Manager.  This newly created role involves seeking recycling solutions on items/commodities that are more challenging to recycle.

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