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6 locations nation-wide
6 locations nation-wide


Meet The Liebherr Twins.


Metalman Takanini has just received delivery of the second Liebherr A924c Material Handler.


We believe these are the right tools for Metalman because they offer:

    • 1. Hydraulic cylinder below the boom and stick, giving greater lift and efficiencies than a common excavator.
    • 2. A rising parallelogram lifting cab, giving greater operator visibility.
    • 3. Solid rubber tyres – no punctures and very mobile.
    • 4. Out riggers for greater stability while lifting.
    • 5. Guards for coping with the harsh environment of scrap metal.
    • 6. Ability to lift 2.6 tonne at 13.5m out and 8.8 tonne at 6m out.
    • 7. Fuel efficient engine and matched hydraulic systems, working at their optimum.
    • 8. Backed by Liebherr New Zealand’s own factory trained Service Technicians to ensure reliability and minimise machine downtime.

Are they easy to Maintain?”

The newer A924c has a LiDAT data collection and tracking system installed. This allows remote monitoring of key information such as fuel consumption, operating hours, time to next service, and remote fault diagnosis. The handler‘s GSM based unit also gives its location and can notify via email if it is removed from a defined area.  Liebherr Service Technicians can remotely diagnose and advise, making the handler very easy to maintain.

Are they Safe?”

Safety also features highly on the new Liebherr.  “Pipe fracture safety valves”, stops loads dropping to the ground if pipes burst and a sensor on the boom reduces the likelihood of loads hitting the cab.

Does anyone really care?”

All these technical specs and features can mean nothing. What matters is “Do the Liebherrs do the job safely, quickly and efficiently?”   With the yard neat, and bins full, it is no wonder the Operators walk to their machines in the morning, with smiles on their faces!